• Writing-Medical and Health
    I am a medical, health, and wellness writer and ghostwriter. As such, I have written  articles for professionals, patient information material, articles for the general public, and content for healthcare sites and organizations. I can research and write an article from scratch or take complicated medical and scientific text and translate it into everyday language. I can even have some fun with the medical or health information. When I first began my writing career, I was commissioned to write 125 health tips for a national news network in the U.S.
  • Writing – General Topics
    General topics are like a surprise bag: you never know what you’re going to get. I love the variety that’s out there and I’m up to the challenge of providing a good article within the expected time frame.
  • Editing – Professional Work
    I have worked for several years editing articles and CME products for both the Web and for hard copy productions.
  • Proofreading
    If you need eagle eyes to go through your documents, I’ve got them. Grammar, spelling, punctuation are all fair game when I’m hired to proofread a project.

Samples of my work

Why hire me?

When writing patient-oriented material, I feel as if it is an extension of the patient teaching that we wished we had more time for in the hospitals. Many clients hire me because they feel that as a nurse writer, I have this unique understanding.

When writing professional-oriented material, I understand the needs of busy professionals and can write material that will interest them, inform them and yet, not take too much of their time.

I have worked clinically for many years, in such areas as general medicine, intensive care, rehabilitation, and palliative care. I have experience as a floor nurse, charge nurse, supervisor, and teacher.

When I began writing and editing medical and health materials, I brought all this experience with me, allowing a good blend of writing skill and nursing knowledge.

Hiring a ghostwriter

Do you have an idea that’s waiting to be shared? Do you have information that would make for an interesting, article, white paper, or even a book, but writing isn’t your thing? This is where ghostwriting or co-writing comes in. A health or medical ghostwriter can take your idea and information, and help write a piece you want to send out to the world.